Korey Kingston Horn

Professional Drummer/ Drum Instructor

I got new DRUMMMMMMMZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh ya, I forgot to tell you guys... I got new DRUMS!! OMG! SOOOO STOKED! I've been waiting for sooo long for these. I wont tell you how long. But I will tell you they were well worth the wait! They came out a bit different than I expected. The color is a little lighter than I expected, and I love it! Exactly what I wanted. I've been playing a couple different configurations. Like with Sharp Shock I used 22"kick, 12" rack (mounted on a snare stand, 16" floor. On a Sirens Crush gig I brought the whole kit, but ended up playing 10, 12, 14, 22 five piece. On a jazz gig this week I used the 10 and the 14 as the toms. Its a super versatile kit. I am so stoked on it. They sound amaizing too. So here's what they are: 

Masters of Maple drums:

10, 12, 14 floor/ snare, 16, 22. The 10, 12, 14 are all Gum/ Mahogany and the 16, and 22 are Gum/ Rosewood.